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I recently had a baby and wanted to capture her before she changes to much. She did really well in front of the camera. I wasn’t sure how she would react to having a camera in front of her.

Beach Reflections

My husband and I decided to head out to the coast to relax and recharge for the upcoming week. We stumbled upon this beach and were truely amazed with its beauty! The hike over the dune to the beach was an adventure! The weather was perfect and the beach was almost deserted. I loved watching the
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Senior Winter Shoot

My photo session was a blast! It was freezing out but she was a great sport. This was one of my last photo winter sessions in Colorado. I am excited about how the portraits turned out! www.JulieBallPhotography.com


I did a photo shoot to test lighting and background, of my new office, and came up with these portraits. I had a perfect model, my daughter! We had a blast getting her all dressed up!  

Chapter 2013 page 1 of 365

A lot has happened in 2012! I have gained new clients, photographed seniors, babies and a wedding! I also moved a cross-country from Colorado to Oregon. I have had an amazing year! I am looking forward to what 2013 has to bring! Thanks for everyone who has supported me! I am excited to meet new clients and
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For my birthday yesterday I took Lyric to her daycare’s Halloween party that they throw every year. She had an absolute blast being Cinderella! Cinderella is her favorite Disney character! I took some photo of her and wanted to try to make these have an antique feel. www.JulieBallPhotography.com

Washington Senior Shoot

A couple of weeks ago I drove up to Tacoma, Washington to do my first senior photo shoot in the Pacific Northwest. She was fantastic to work with. I was able to get her comfortable with being in front of the camera very quickly. I took her, first, on a fairy boat to take a couple
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Fourth of July

As the door for Colorado is closing and a new door is opening in Portland, Oregon I find myself celebrating our last holiday in Colorado, the Fourth of July. We spent the day packing and also playing around. I took some photos of my daughter throughout the day. She loves posing in front of the
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Botanic Garden Wedding

I feel fortunate to be invited to be another photographer for a Bride and Groom’s wedding in the Denver Botanic Gardens. I had such a great time doing their photos and getting to know the bride and groom. The weather cooperated with us the whole day. The was day went off without a hitch. Everyone was great
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Senior Photo Shoot

I did a senior photo shoot for this senior’s 2013 photo session. I had a lot of fun working with her. She had the most amazing blue eyes , not to mention she is absolutely gorgeous! Her senior portrait session located in downtown Denver, Colorado. Feel free to look at more photos on my website: www.JulieBallPhotography.com