» Redwoods



One of my favorites places in the world. I love everything about the Pacific Northwest the trees, little critters, air and everything else that comes along with its environment. Every year my husband and I make a point to go out to the Pacific Northwest to visit the redwoods and Pacific ocean. Every year I can go on the same trails and will always see something new. It amazes me how much life is out there. Life grows from death.


I am most inspired artistically when I shoot in abandoned places and the Pacific Northwest. The next time I head out there I want to explorer the Olympic National Forest. The photographs that I have seen from there are breathe taking.

This June, I will be heading into the Rocky Mountains with a group of photographers to explorer an abandoned city. I have been there a few years back and was amazed. The houses, hospital, theatre, hotel, school and more. I couple spend days there exploring and photographing the area. I have learned more over the past couple of years and, with seeing this places with a different eye, I will be able to capture better photos.

I am hoping this summer will lead me to new places to do photography and to grow more as a photographer.