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It has been awhile since I last posted. Inspiration has kept me from getting out and do photography. I love going to abandoned sites and being outdoors and capturing the elements. As the weather becomes warmer I think I will be getting out more. I am looking forward to what I will see and find!
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Tonight I am editing photos from a recent California trip my husband and I took. I am completely in love with the west coast and love doing photography in San Francisco. There is so much to capture on camera. I first came upon the Painted Ladies just after it stopped raining. I love how the clouds
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Change of weather

It is going to be 60 degrees out today. I am looking forward to warm days where I can go explorer and do outdoor photography. The winter cannot end soon enough for me.  As the winter ends it means that I am closer again to trips to the west coast. The coast inspires me in
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