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The Birdcage

The Birdcage


I did another model photo shoot. The theme of the photo shoot was birds in a birdcage. I had a great time doing this shoot! I was worried about the models since it was really warm outside and I was afraid that the makeup would run and they would get over heated in their costumes. Everyone was amazing to work with and had great attitudes.

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The only challenge I found was the area that we did the photo shoot I found it hard to always having to re-adjust my camera settings. The area had a lot of very open sunny areas and others were very shaded and dark. I always work in Manual mode because I love having control over my settings. I got a lot of great shots.

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With doing a lot of these model photo shoots I am finding that my style of photography is changing. I am loving the dark feel to these photographs. I know as I keep pursuing my passion with photography that my style will always change. I find that is the fun part of this craft is you are always learning and developing in ways that you couldn’t have imagined.

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